Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Gala 07

So, I loved looking through all the dresses that were worn for the Costume Institute Gala 07. My absolute favorite dress is Camilla Belle's (on the right above) which is from Jean Paul Gaultier Couture show for spring. Favorites from you? Looking at them made me want to look at the Spring 2007 Couture fashion shows. The Chanel one was marvelous. Oh my. ohhh myy. heart-attack-inducing gorgeous. Alright, that's it, I'll make a collage on that next.

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Fabi said...

love your blog sarah!!
I liked what Charlotte Gainsbourg wore because it's alot different than what we're used to and I definitely agree with you on camille belle's dress. the "prada girls" disppointed me, though, especially what miuccia herself had on.