Friday, May 11, 2007

Chanel Resort 07

I said I was going to make a collage on Chanel's Spring 2007 Couture show but I changed my mind. These clips are from Chanel's most recent show, the resort show. Now, let me give you a tip. If you ever feel uninspired with outfits that don't quite give you that happy i-look-sooo-good feeling that brightens the whole day... go onto and go through some fashion shows. Look at some really crazy shows, look up Chanel, Christian Lacroix, couture shows, Zac Posen resort, Matthew Williamson, Erin Fetherson... Look at the hair, find shows with amazing out-there makeup. Those shoes! Those bags! Ectasy, rejoicing.. gorgeous fabrics, gorgeous jewels, fabulous colors... INSPIRATION! You may despair a bit initially but those photos will stay in your mind and next time you go to your closet you'll have new ideas such as hey this color looks sweet with this color and next time you go shopping you won't quite get bogged down and you'll know what to choose out of the jumble.

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Bojana said...

Is it me or have I already seen those high gladiators? I think they had the same last year for the summer resort. or maybe I'm dreaming.